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Peter Pan’s Shadow is a female alter ego and symbol for the emotional muscle women must often sustain to protect what is most at risk; Black Hawks are fluidly designed for immediate and critical maneuverability towards rescue or ruin. The screens were influenced by the complex symbolism of the shadow in J.M. Barre’s Peter Pan, who alternately assigned power to light and to darkness, innocence and maturity. Peter loses his shadow; the women find, save, and restore it, beginning an alchemical narrative exploring sexuality, fear, love and violence.

frontal helicopter shadow
insect screening
144 x 96 inches
Peter Pan's Shadow XI
insect screening
96 x 120 inches
Peter Pan's Shadows I and II
insect screening
96 x 96 inches
Peter Pan's Shadows VII and IV
insect screening
84 x 120 inches
Peter Pan's Shadows X and XI
insect screening
insect screening